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Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson

COP28 - our daily updates

  • 30 November - Opening Day

    Yesterday, ahead of the opening of COP28, the UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell, recorded a video message to stress the importance of this COP. This happens every year since as each year ticks by, emissions keep rising and risks and damages from climate change keep rising with them. But this time, the message took a particularly serious and bleak tone, remarking how “everyone is on the frontlines” and “no country is immune” from climate change. Whilst this COP is mired in controversy already, it seems there are leaders at the table affording it the seriousness it deserves – and this can be cause for a quiet, cautious optimism for the two weeks ahead, as we get underway.

    As is tradition, the opening stages of the conference saw COP27 President Sameh Shoukry handing over the Presidency to the COP28 President to start proceedings. Before beginning formal proceedings, the COP paused in remembrance two deeply-respected figures: climate scientist Saleemul Huq, and UK diplomat Pete Betts, who died earlier this year. 

    Once proceedings were underway, the first major breakthrough of the COP came unexpectedly early, with a huge breakthrough on loss and damage. At COP27 last year, whilst agreeing that there would be a fund for losses and damages of climate change, nobody could agree which countries would pay in, or which would receive payouts, from it.

    Now, however, Germany, Japan, the UAE, UK, USA and others all announced contributions totalling around $430m (USD) for poorer countries who disproportionately feel the impacts of climate change. The announcement was met with a standing ovation by the delegation, and represents the culmination of 30 years’ debate and negotiation over loss and damage funds. 

    We’ve been covering COPs for a few years now, and that was, for sure, the largest breakthrough we’ve seen on day one of the conference.

  • 01 December - World Climate Action Summit

  • 02 December - World Climate Action Summit

  • 03 December - Health, Relief, Recovery & Peace

  • 04 December - Finance, Trade, Gender Equality, Accountability

  • 05 December - Energy, Industry, Just Transition, Indigenous Peoples

  • 06 December - Multilevel Action, Built Environment, Transport

  • 07 December - Rest Day

  • 08 December - Youth, Children, Education & Skills

  • 09 December - Nature, Land Use and Oceans

  • 10 December - Food, Agriculture & Water

  • 11 December - Final Negotiations

  • 12 December - Final Negotiations

  • 13 December - Final Negotiations

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