Climate Marketplace

Climate Marketplace

Our free pay-as-you-go accounts allow you to make purchases of trees and carbon reductions whenever you choose. No subscription needed just climate impact when you need it.

United Nations Decade on Ecosystems Restoration Partner
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Pay-as-you-go climate action

Purchase climate solutions quickly and easily with our free pay-as-you-go accounts. Sign up so you can fund tree planting and certified carbon reduction projects today.

Climate action when it suits you

Fund climate solutions on your terms with our free impact-only accounts.

girl tree planting in Madagascar
Fund tree planting

Our pay-as-you-go accounts on our Climate Marketplace allow you to plant trees quickly and easily. You can plant a tree for every product you sell, for a particular event, or for a larger bespoke order.
You will be planting a mix of native and biodiverse tree species in our planting sites around the world.

beautiful wind farm image
Fund carbon reduction projects

With our pay-as-you-go accounts you can quickly and easily purchase high-quality carbon offsets through our carbon reduction projects, which include renewable energy generation, rainforest protection, and community initiatives like providing access to clean water.

Each tonne of carbon we offset through our climate projects is certified by an industry-leading formal standard, such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

An Ecologi profile showing impact
Your impact profile

With this account you will receive your own impact profile, where you can track your individual or business climate impact, grow your own virtual forest, and set sustainability goals for your organisation.

All trees and carbon reductions you purchase will be immediately added to your profile, so that you and your customers can see a visual representation of the real-life climate impact you are having.

Ways to use your impact-only account

You can add trees or carbon reductions to your profile whenever you choose. Some common uses of impact-only accounts include:

For every product sold

Add trees or carbon offsets for every new member or newsletter subscriber, or for every product you sell.

Going carbon neutral

You can add carbon reductions to offset the emissions of your product, a particular event or bespoke order, or even your whole organisation.

For a campaign

National Geographic Kids UK set up an impact-only account for their Valentine’s Day campaign and planted 8,270 trees!

Link with Shopify

You can link your impact-only account to your Shopify store, or Zapier integration and set up automated purchase of trees or carbon offsets.

Create your pay-as-you-go account today

Simple and impactful climate action now.

Create your free account

Prefer to speak to our team? We're here to help find your perfect climate solution

Support the best in climate action

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Climate Positive Workforce

Bring your team along on the exciting journey of climate positively. Offset your team and plant a company forest in their name.

Ecologi Zero

Get ahead of the curve with the innovative real-time carbon footprint analysis software that allows your business to achieve certified net-zero.

Ecommerce & Integrations

Plant a tree for every sale? Offset every transaction? From API to Shopify, we help your business shine in all the right places.

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  • Trustpilot 5 stars
United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030

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