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Grow a company forest today, and offset the emissions from your team's personal and professional lives.

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What is a Climate Positive Workforce?

  • 1

    Employee carbon footprints offset

    Every one of your staff members will become climate positive. This means you'll be offsetting their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

  • 2

    All business travel offset

    Some business trips are unavoidable. Thats why all of our plans include business travel offsets as standard. Each employee's allowance is based on averages, so you don't have to track or calculate anything.

  • 3

    Plant trees & fund climate projects

    You'll be funding the worlds best climate crisis solutions. Every month you'll be planting groves of trees in your company forest, and financing carbon reduction projects from around the world.

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Featured in

  • Forbes magazine
  • The Guardian
  • Dazed magazine
  • The London Evening Standard

Features included in your package

  • A staff perk

    A staff perk

    Sustainability is among the most important attributes for employees in 2021. Retain your hires and attract the best talent with this incredible staff benefit.

  • All business travel offset

    All business travel offset

    Our plans include an allowance for employee business and personal travel. Because we use averages theres no complex calculations or tracking needed.

  • Your own company forest

    Your own company forest

    Cultivate a new kind of company legacy. Your forest will grow every month and be visible for your employees and customers to see on your public sustainability profile.

  • Your own public profile

    Public sustainability profile for your impact

    Demonstrate the incredible climate impact you’re having with your own public facing business profile page.

  • Plant trees based on sales and customers

    Plant trees based on sales/customers

    Show your commitment to sustainability by planting trees for every sale or new client.

  • Achieve a net-zero strategy

    Achieve carbon neutral strategy

    Make strides to meeting your companies sustainability goals with our effortless onboarding.

  • Integrate your impact via our API

    Integrate your impact via our API

    Get insights and data about your impact with our simple API. Included with every new subscription.

Other ways to make impact

There are several ways for your business to take climate action with Ecologi.

Plant trees for every sale

We’ve got four ways to plant trees both manually, and with our integrations (API, Shopify, Zapier etc.).

See our integrations

Pay-as-you-go climate solutions

Create an impact-only account and make purchases of trees and carbon whenever you want.

Looking to go carbon neutral?

Make your business or product carbon neutral with Ecologi by offsetting your emissions.

Measure your carbon emissions

We’ve been developing new software to calculate your business emissions in real time.

What our customers say

  • Lucy & Yak

    Lucy & Yak

    "Ecologi is one of the most exciting things we’ve discovered this year!"

    via Instagram
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  • Star Editions

    Star Editions

    "Ecologi perfectly resonates with our company ethos and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this movement."

    Will Marston, CEO
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  • Great State

    Great State

    "Ecologi was an absolute winner with our employees; it received the 'best benefit' award 2019."

    Victoria James, Director
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Supporting the best in climate action

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Gold Standard Sustainable Development Logo

The science: why plant trees & offset carbon

    Our monthly projects

    Support by the UN's Global Goals & Gold Standard certified

    Ecologi project
    Cleaner and safer stoves in Malawi

    Great for the planet and reduces indoor air pollution

    We answer your questions

    • Why choose Ecologi?

      We created this service to remove the barriers companies face to making great contributions to the climate emergency.

      We run this platform in a way that totally aligns with that principle. You need us to prioritise impact over profit, to run the company completely transparently, employ only the highest standard environmental projects, and be as cheap as chips.

      We’re a team only motivated by securing a prosperous future for the planet.

      Check out our About page for more details on the above.

    • What is a Climate Positive Workforce?

    • How is a Climate Positive Workforce calculated?

    • Can I offset my company's emissions by planting trees?

    • Can I offset my company's entire carbon footprint?

    • How can you prove the impact?

    • How much of the money goes to climate action?

    • Is this tax deductible?

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