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Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson

  • Why is the cost of planting trees going up?

    As our community grows and funds the planting of more and more trees around the world, it is our job to make sure we can get all those trees planted and cared for, as they grow. Currently, the majority of trees funded by the Ecologi community are being planted in Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda. One reason why we support planting in these countries is that it allows planting a lot of trees at a relatively low cost, maximising the positive impact of our community on the planet. 


    Now, as the rate at which our incredible community is funding trees gets faster and faster, we are bringing on board several new reforestation partners to increase both the capacity and scope of our reforestation efforts. New partners means we’ll be planting trees in different parts of the world – and in these new places, costs associated with land tenure, equipment, labour and the trees themselves all differ in price. In addition, new sites often also include up-front costs like funding the establishment of sapling nurseries nearby. Consequently, we need to increase our budget per tree to cover this and help us to mobilise new projects, partners and technologies all around the world to help get our community’s trees in the ground.


    We are incredibly excited about the planting projects this will enable us to support. Together we’ll fund the planting of new species of trees in new countries, supporting new types of ecosystems and the wide range of mammals, birds, insects and other animals that live there. The positive impact of the Ecologi community will be felt all around the world. This update will also enable us to improve our remote monitoring capabilities, using satellite imagery to bring planting sites all over the world closer to our community.


    We appreciate this change equates to a doubling of over our old tree price, and acknowledge the difficulties this may cause some of our customers. We are committed to continuing to provide Ecologi subscribers with some the cheapest prices available anywhere in the world.

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